These Hollow Vows

When her little sister is sold to faerie slave traders, Brie sets out to find her in the Unseelie court. In order to save her sister, she makes a deal with the evil king Mordeus to steal three magical artifacts from the Seelie court and must infiltrate the court by posing as a potential bride for the faerie prince.  Torn between three opposingContinue reading “These Hollow Vows”

5 Little Red Riding Hood Retellings

Welcome back to #fairytalefridays! Little Red Riding Hood has recently seen a surge in retellings, I’ve noticed, and I’m here to devour them all. I love the dark takes that people have on what is already a pretty dark story! If you’re ready for a little grittiness in your story, these retellings fit the bill.  The Girl in Red by ChristinaContinue reading “5 Little Red Riding Hood Retellings”

5 Cinderella Retellings

Alright, I just watched A Cinderella Story and I feel inspired to take on Cinderella for #fairytalefridays this week. If you’ve not watched the movie, it is delightfully cheesy and a perfect trip down memory lane for millennials (hello IM screen name nostalgia). If you’d rather get your retelling in book form, give one ofContinue reading “5 Cinderella Retellings”

Sisters of the Snake

Ria and Rani, a street thief and a princess, discover that they are identical twins separated at birth. After growing up as an orphan, Ria is desperate to find out the truth about her family. Rani, a princess craving freedom, is on the hunt for an all-powerful stone that could save the kingdom from war.Continue reading “Sisters of the Snake”

Five Word Reviews

Sometimes it’s best to keep things short and sweet! For sequels and audiobooks, I don’t love writing full reviews. With sequels, I find it too hard to write reviews that don’t give away the plot of previous books and don’t involve a lot of recap. With audiobooks, I often have no clue how to spellContinue reading “Five Word Reviews”

Firekeeper’s Daughter

Daunis Fontaine lives at the intersection of two worlds. Her mother is white and her father was Ojibwe. She’s passionate about her Ojibwe community and yearns for official citizenship in the Sault tribe. So, when her community sees a series of drug-related deaths, Daunis uses her knowledge of chemistry and traditional plants to begin lookingContinue reading “Firekeeper’s Daughter”

The Nature of Witches

The climate is in crisis and witches who have seasonal magic are tasked with correcting extreme weather events. As the situation worsens Clara, the first Everwitch in a century, becomes the last hope for the planet. However, Clara fears the volatility of her magic and struggles to gain control. As a total eclipse approaches, anContinue reading “The Nature of Witches”

Daughter of Sparta

Following Daphne, a Spartan-trained warrior, as she embarks on an epic quest to find nine mysterious items that have been stolen from Mount Olympus, this is a fast-paced, action-packed reimagining of the Greek myth of Daphne and Apollo. Daphne is a Mothakes, or outsider, to the Spartan people. Though she has been raised and taughtContinue reading “Daughter of Sparta”

Where are you studying magic?

I just binged my way through Fate: The Winx Saga and it was a cheesy delight. Exactly what I needed as I try to adjust myself to being in the office again full time. While I was watching this show, I realized that I am a sucker for anything that has a school of magicContinue reading “Where are you studying magic?”