All My Rage

After an awkward situation estranges their friendship, Salahudin and Noor are finding their way back to each other following the death of Sal’s mother. Desperate to save his family’s inn that his mother loved so much, Sal turns to some shady practices to make ends meet. Noor, aching to leave the small town of Juniper, hidesContinue reading “All My Rage”

Black Cake

Benny and Byron are reunited for the first time in years, gathered to listen to their mother’s will. But Eleanor Bennett didn’t just leave behind a black cake in the freezer with a request to share the cake when the time is right. She also left behind a lifetime of secrets that she is finally unraveling for her children. AsContinue reading “Black Cake”

Hell of a Book

A nameless Black author on a cross-country book tour is struggling under the weight of his notoriety and the expectations that society is placing on him. His book, which is never described, is simultaneously meant to capture the experience of being Black in America while also being criticized by people for not representing Black people enough. In alternating chapters, weContinue reading “Hell of a Book”

Olga Dies Dreaming

Brooklynite Olga Acevedo makes a living as a wedding planner for the ultra-wealthy, much to the disappointment of her revolutionary mother who abandoned their family to dedicate herself to liberating Puerto Rico. Her brother, Prieto, is a congressman representing the Sunset Park neighborhood but hiding secrets that could threaten his family and career. As Hurricane Maria heads for Puerto Rico, OlgaContinue reading “Olga Dies Dreaming”

Blue Skinned Gods

Born with blue skin, Kalki has been told he is a god, the tenth reincarnation of Vishnu. His controlling father runs an ashram in which people come to be blessed and healed by Kalki, but Kalki is not sure of his godliness. As Kalki comes of age, his uncertainty grows, especially in the face of a tragedy which fractures his family and sends his best friend across theContinue reading “Blue Skinned Gods”

The Chosen and the Beautiful

Retelling the story of the Great Gatsby from the point of view of a queer, Vietnamese Jordan Baker, this atmospheric novel catapults the story into a shadowy, magical Jazz Age New York. Nghi Vo is such a beautiful writer and this book is just as lovely and lyrical as her novellas. The book follows JordanContinue reading “The Chosen and the Beautiful”

If I Had Your Face

South Korea’s obsession with beauty is explored in this gripping, thought-provoking story following five young women. Kyuri, Sujin, Ara, Miho, and Wonna live in the same building and each are battling their own demons. Kyuri works in a “room salon;” her beauty is how she makes money but the lifestyle seems to be slowly killingContinue reading “If I Had Your Face”