The Dead and the Dark

Something dark is living under the surface of Snakebite, Oregon. Logan, the daughter of two paranormal investigators, has been dragged to her dads’ old hometown to investigate a case. When she gets to Snakebite, she finds an insular community that doesn’t take kindly to her queer family disrupting the norm. And, after her family arrivesContinue reading “The Dead and the Dark”

Five Word Reviews

Sometimes it’s best to keep things short and sweet! For sequels and audiobooks, I don’t love writing full reviews. With sequels, I find it too hard to write reviews that don’t give away the plot of previous books and don’t involve a lot of recap. With audiobooks, I often have no clue how to spellContinue reading “Five Word Reviews”

Six Crimson Cranes

Princess Shiori’anma has hidden her forbidden magic for her entire life. But, when she slips up and reveals her magic to her stepmother who is secretly hiding powers of her own, her stepmother banishes her and turns her brothers into cranes. Cursed to wear a bowl over her head and unable to speak or herContinue reading “Six Crimson Cranes”

Firekeeper’s Daughter

Daunis Fontaine lives at the intersection of two worlds. Her mother is white and her father was Ojibwe. She’s passionate about her Ojibwe community and yearns for official citizenship in the Sault tribe. So, when her community sees a series of drug-related deaths, Daunis uses her knowledge of chemistry and traditional plants to begin lookingContinue reading “Firekeeper’s Daughter”


Waterworld meets Mad Max meets The 100 in this post-apocalyptic western. Delta lives with her pack in Dead River and harbors a dangerous secret. Tattooed on her back is a map to the Verdant, a place rumored to be a lush, green oasis in the middle of a dry, dying desert. When raiders sent byContinue reading “Dustborn”

Black Water Sister

Jess is startled to hear a voice in her head, but with her family moving back to Malaysia and her father recovering from an illness, she believes it’s just stress. But, when she starts hearing it again, she discovers that she is being haunted by the spirit of her estranged grandmother. Jess knows nothing ofContinue reading “Black Water Sister”

I Blame My Shelf (and you can too)

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