Mack, a young woman who has lost everything, is offered the opportunity to compete in a week-long extreme hide and seek competition set in a derelict amusement park. Mack is good at hiding, that’s how she survived her murderous father, and she could use the money so she joins the competition. But soon, it becomes clear that this competition and the park isContinue reading “Hide”

Queen of the Tiles

At last year’s Scrabble tournament, Najwa’s best friend Trina died unexpectedly. Now, Najwa has returned to the tournament with the goal of claiming her friend’s title, Queen of the Tiles. But when Trina’s Instagram starts posting cryptic messages that imply that her death was no accident, Najwa must find out who’s behind these posts and who was responsible for Trina’s demise.  ThisContinue reading “Queen of the Tiles”

Flirting With Fate

Ava Granados is rushing to make it to her nana’s deathbed when she gets into a fender bender with a handsome boy. While dealing with that, she misses out on the blessing her nana bestows on the women in her family. When nana’s ghost appears to Ava along with the spirit of a saint, she learns thatContinue reading “Flirting With Fate”

When Women Were Dragons

During the Mass Dragoning of 1955, thousands of women were transformed into dragons and fled their human lives for a new beginning. Alex’s aunt Marla is one of those women who dragoned and now her daughter, Beatrice is living with Alex and her family. As the world moves on from this phenomenon, talking about dragons becomes a taboo topic and Alex and BeatriceContinue reading “When Women Were Dragons”

I Kissed Shara Wheeler

Shara Wheeler is missing and has left behind a series of kisses and cryptic notes. Chloe Green, Shara’s academic rival, received one of those kisses and is now on the hunt to find Shara before graduation. With the help of Rory, who also received a kiss, and Smith, Shara’s boyfriend, Chloe pieces the notes together, unveiling clues that lead them on a wild hunt andContinue reading “I Kissed Shara Wheeler”

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