Flirting With Fate

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Ava Granados is rushing to make it to her nana’s deathbed when she gets into a fender bender with a handsome boy. While dealing with that, she misses out on the blessing her nana bestows on the women in her family. When nana’s ghost appears to Ava along with the spirit of a saint, she learns that her blessing was accidentally bestowed upon the boy she ran into and she needs to get the blessing back in order for her nana’s spirit to rest peacefully. Ava tracks down Rion and begins to form a friendship with him, but she finds their relationship becoming something more. Will Ava succeed in getting back the blessing, without hurting anyone in the process? 

This is a really cute, easy YA romance. The way that the romance unfolded between Ava and Rion was very sweet and I thought the plot moved swiftly. 

My favorite part of the story was the relationship between Ava and her sisters. The three of them had a great, supportive relationship that reminded me of my relationship with my sisters. They love to tease each other, but also show up whenever one of them is in need. I think there could have been more character development for the sisters, their personalities seemed very one dimensional to me. In fact, overall I thought there could be more character development for each character in the story. 

I liked the idea of blessings being bestowed to the women in a family and was very committed to figuring out Ava’s blessing and finding a way for her to get it back from Rion. The book is paced well, with moments that were real page-turners and slow-burn moments of Ava and Rion getting to know each other. Woven into this story is a secondary mystery of a photo that Ava finds with a man on his way to propose to someone. It was fun to try to piece together how this photo would play a larger role in the story. 

Flirting with Fate was a fun, light romance with just a touch of magic. If you’re looking for an easy read, this is a great choice. And, if you’ve read Flirting with Fate, let me know your thoughts!

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