You Made a Fool of Death With Your Beauty

After the tragic loss of her husband years ago, artist Feyi is finally ready to move forward and dip her toes into the dating scene. Enter Nasir, a nice guy who doesn’t push her to move too quickly. When he gets her a gallery show opportunity on the island where he grew up, Feyi and Nasir head to the island andContinue reading “You Made a Fool of Death With Your Beauty”

I Kissed Shara Wheeler

Shara Wheeler is missing and has left behind a series of kisses and cryptic notes. Chloe Green, Shara’s academic rival, received one of those kisses and is now on the hunt to find Shara before graduation. With the help of Rory, who also received a kiss, and Smith, Shara’s boyfriend, Chloe pieces the notes together, unveiling clues that lead them on a wild hunt andContinue reading “I Kissed Shara Wheeler”

Holly Jolly Romances

Ho ho ho and merry December to all! I am a huge fan of the holiday season. There’s something about Christmas cheer that lightens my generally cold, depressed heart. So how do I get my dose of holiday cheer? Hallmark movies! Lifetime movies! Netflix movies! I honestly cannot get enough of their cheesy, saccharine storylines. But, if I want something with aContinue reading “Holly Jolly Romances”

The Shaadi Set-Up

Rita is dating a man that she thinks her mother will not approve of so she concocts a scheme: Rita and Neil will both sign up for, an Indian matchmaking site, and when it matches them together their families will have to accept that they are perfect for each other. The only problem? Rita’s ex Milan Rao. Sparks flyContinue reading “The Shaadi Set-Up”

Five Word Reviews

Ok, I am VERY late with these mini reviews for October, but in my defense…I have no defense. Time is somehow both moving painfully slowly and incredibly fast. Do you ever have that feeling? October was a busy month for me with audiobooks and sequels. Check out what I’ve been reading and see if anything strikes your fancy! Continue reading “Five Word Reviews”

The Charm Offensive

Dev, a hopeless romantic who works as a producer on The Bachelor-esque dating show, Ever After, is tasked with being the handler for the show’s latest Prince Charming, an awkward millionaire tech geek named Charlie. Though Charlie doesn’t believe he’ll find love in the show, Dev is determined to help him find the one. As theContinue reading “The Charm Offensive”

Falling in Love at a Bookshop

Happy National Book Lover’s Day! Ok, I am technically a day late on this one, but I was deep in the throes of depression yesterday and missed it. So let’s just extend National Book Lover’s Day to two days! Isn’t it National Book Lover’s Day every day for a reader? So, to celebrate, I thoughtContinue reading “Falling in Love at a Bookshop”