The Offset

In a bleak near future, Earth is devastated by overpopulation and climate change. To control overpopulation, children must, on their eighteenth birthday, choose one of their parent’s to die in a public execution. As Miri’s birthday approaches, she must choose between the mother she loves and the mother who might be the only hope to save the world.  IContinue reading “The Offset”

Outer Space Explorations

Happy Space Exploration Day! Today commemorates the July 20th anniversary of the first humans to land on the Moon’s surface. In celebration, I have put together a list of novels about exploring the far reaches of space. Hope you find something to enjoy! The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell: In this haunting, reflective novel, aContinue reading “Outer Space Explorations”

The Infinity Courts

Murdered on her way to her high school graduation party, Nami Miyamoto finds herself in an afterlife ruled by Ophelia, a virtual assistant planning to eradicate human existence. Nami is drawn into a group of rebels who are looking to overthrow Ophelia and reclaim the afterlife for humans, but she’s not completely sold on theirContinue reading “The Infinity Courts”

Escaping Eleven

Earth is no longer inhabitable and humanity has been forced to move underground. The wealthy elite have bankrolled these underground compounds, separating each floor by wealth. Eve, a 16-year-old hobby fighter, will stop at nothing to break free of her violent compound and see Earth, even if it means death. This book is a straight-upContinue reading “Escaping Eleven”

Who Run the World?

Happy March and hello to Women’s History Month! I love celebrating this month by checking out the exhibits here, spending time researching brilliant women in history, and reading books that center strong, fierce female characters. To that end, I think featuring science fiction books where women lead the action is a great way to startContinue reading “Who Run the World?”

The Future is Female

Do you tend to gravitate toward a certain genre? Maybe books with a similar theme or tone? In reflecting on my reading habits recently, I’ve found that when I hit a lull in my borrowing, I always fall back on science fiction with a feminist bend. I love the play on gender, sexuality, and genderContinue reading “The Future is Female”