Tell Me an Ending

Nepenthe is a company that specializes in memory removal. For people who have experienced trauma in their lives, they can elect to have that memory removed forever. But, Nepenthe is coming under increasing scrutiny as customers experience “traces” or fragments of their memory returning. In this novel the lives of five characters are deeply changed by theirContinue reading “Tell Me an Ending”

The School for Good Mothers

Frida is tired from caring for her sick toddler, Harriet, and running on little sleep for days. In a moment of exhaustion and bad judgment, she walks out of the house, leaving Harriet alone for two hours. A neighbor reports her to the police and Frida loses custody of Harriet. In order to get her back, Frida needs toContinue reading “The School for Good Mothers”

The Offset

In a bleak near future, Earth is devastated by overpopulation and climate change. To control overpopulation, children must, on their eighteenth birthday, choose one of their parent’s to die in a public execution. As Miri’s birthday approaches, she must choose between the mother she loves and the mother who might be the only hope to save the world.  IContinue reading “The Offset”