Around the World With Magical Realism: Africa

And we’re back with another Magical Realism May Monday! This week, we are heading to Africa with some of my favorite stories. Magical Realism from Africa draws heavily from folklore, history, and mythology and often features spirits, demons, and animals-as-guides. If you love good storytelling and a balance of realism and mysticism, African magical realismContinue reading “Around the World With Magical Realism: Africa”

Around the World with Magical Realism: North America

Welcome back to Magical Realism May Mondays! Last week, we explored magical realism from Latin America. This week, we’re heading up to North America. Magical realism from North America includes a broad variety of genres and themes, as diverse as the region itself. These books often use magical realism to feature themes of politics, history,Continue reading “Around the World with Magical Realism: North America”

Around the World With Magical Realism: Latin America

Welcome to the magical month of May! Is May actually magical? Probably not, though seeing the sun for the first time in 9 months in Washington State might qualify as magic. This month, I’ve decided to go around the world with one of my favorite genres, magical realism. Magical realism provides a beautiful balance betweenContinue reading “Around the World With Magical Realism: Latin America”

The Frozen Crown

When a mad, magical emperor threatens her people, Askia is forced to flee her frozen kingdom and seek assistance from the southern kingdom of Vishir. But, as soon as she arrives in Vishir, she becomes embroiled in a labyrinth of political scheming that will test her ability as a leader and potentially expose a secretContinue reading “The Frozen Crown”

The End of National Poetry Month

It’s still April. Good gracious, does this month seem long to anyone else? But on the positive side, that means we are still celebrating National Poetry Month for one more week! I’ve been finding it deeply satisfying to read poetry this month and am going to work on incorporating more poetry into my reading thisContinue reading “The End of National Poetry Month”

The Lost Apothecary

The discovery of a bottle with a mysterious etching sends a woman on a search through history to find a hidden apothecary shop in this atmospheric, fast-paced novel.   The Lost Apothecary is an intricately plotted historical fiction novel that alternates timelines between eighteenth century London and modern London. In eighteenth-century London, a secret apothecaryContinue reading “The Lost Apothecary”

If I Had Your Face

South Korea’s obsession with beauty is explored in this gripping, thought-provoking story following five young women. Kyuri, Sujin, Ara, Miho, and Wonna live in the same building and each are battling their own demons. Kyuri works in a “room salon;” her beauty is how she makes money but the lifestyle seems to be slowly killingContinue reading “If I Had Your Face”