The Prophets

Samuel and Isaiah, two enslaved men on a plantation in the Deep South, find refuge in each other until an enslaved preacher causes a rift in their community by declaring their bond sinful. Alternating perspectives between slaves on the plantation, the plantation owners, and the members of an African village whose serenity is destroyed whenContinue reading “The Prophets”

Black History Month Spotlight: Fantasy

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that fantasy is my absolute favorite genre. I love the way that fantasy novels offer an escape from our everyday lives, while still pulling in important and timely themes. Whether middle grade, YA, or adult, I will fall into any fantasy with strong world-building, authentic characters, andContinue reading “Black History Month Spotlight: Fantasy”

Anti-Racist Book Club- February

Hello and Happy Thursday! Is it just me, or does this week feel like an entire month? This month, my book group decided to branch out a bit in our reading and picked up An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz. Dunbar-Ortiz is an Indigenous rights activist and scholar, and theContinue reading “Anti-Racist Book Club- February”

Black History Month Spotlight: Family Sagas

It’s Black History Month! This month, and every month, it’s so important to read diverse voices. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your reading this month, how about a family saga? Family sagas follow a single family as their decisions and actions ripple across generations. I love character-driven books, and family sagas really offerContinue reading “Black History Month Spotlight: Family Sagas”

Two Quick Reads

Hello hello and welcome to February! In honor of this short month, I have a couple reviews for quick reads I picked up last week. When the Tiger Came Down the Mountain by Nghi Vo A cleric and their guide travel up a mountain where they find themselves at the mercy of three tigers. ToContinue reading “Two Quick Reads”

Adult Pairings for Childhood Favorites

What’s your favorite childhood book? I am often asked this question, and I have the hardest time answering. My mom got me a library card for my second birthday, and I never stopped reading. I loved flipping through picture books, devoured any children’s mystery series, and escaped to so many worlds. Every book felt likeContinue reading “Adult Pairings for Childhood Favorites”

The Future is Female

Do you tend to gravitate toward a certain genre? Maybe books with a similar theme or tone? In reflecting on my reading habits recently, I’ve found that when I hit a lull in my borrowing, I always fall back on science fiction with a feminist bend. I love the play on gender, sexuality, and genderContinue reading “The Future is Female”