Antiracist Book Club- January

A note: I wrote this blog post after our book club met on Tuesday night, but I feel I would be remiss if I did not mention the blatant white supremacy on display by both the insurrectionists at the capitol on Wednesday and in the government’s response to their violence. It is both heartbreaking andContinue reading “Antiracist Book Club- January”

Among the Beasts and Briars

Among the Beasts and Briars by Ashley Poston Happy New Year! What a good feeling to say goodbye to the garbage year that was 2020 and welcome in a (hopefully) brighter new year. I decided to ring in the new year with a little magic, and picked up this fun fairytale. It’s said that AloriyaContinue reading “Among the Beasts and Briars”

These Feathered Flames

These Feathered Flames by Alexandra Overy Two sisters must navigate political scheming, dying magic, secret societies, and a nation on the brink of war in order to claim their throne and restore magic to the world. I absolutely loved this novel. It was smart, fresh, and enchanting. The author did a stellar job with world-building.Continue reading “These Feathered Flames”

A House is a Body

A House is a Body by Shruti Swamy A House is a Body is an immersive and provocative collection of short stories blurring the line between dreams and reality and exploring themes of identity, desire, and modernity. Though each story stands alone, they are all driven by complex female characters. This is Shruti Swamy’s debutContinue reading “A House is a Body”

Love the Queen’s Gambit? Rook No Further!

I, like seemingly everyone in the world, spent the weekend binge watching The Queen’s Gambit. Oooh baby was it good. The storyline and the acting were outstanding and can we talk about the lighting? Absolutely gorgeously shot. I started the series with apprehension (honestly, who thought watching chess would be that tense?), but ended itContinue reading “Love the Queen’s Gambit? Rook No Further!”