Love the Queen’s Gambit? Rook No Further!

I, like seemingly everyone in the world, spent the weekend binge watching The Queen’s Gambit. Oooh baby was it good. The storyline and the acting were outstanding and can we talk about the lighting? Absolutely gorgeously shot. I started the series with apprehension (honestly, who thought watching chess would be that tense?), but ended it bemoaning the fact that it was only a limited series.

Luckily, the series is based on a book. And, once you’ve read the book, there are many more titles that capture a similar tone and feeling. Want more of The Queen’s Gambit? Rook no further than these titles.

A father-son chess tournament reveals the dark side of the game in this fast-paced, dramatic tale.

This moving, compelling biography traces the story of a Ugandan teen’s struggle to become her country’s national chess champion.

This atmospheric, disturbing coming-of-age story centers on a young woman’s relationship with her brother and the dark secrets her family hides.

In this impassioned, candid memoir, Chapin chronicles the consequences of his obsessive addiction to chess, revealing how the game consumed his life.

An engaging, emotional coming-of-age story in which four young people navigate the cutthroat world of classical music and their complex relationships with each other.

Want even more read-alikes for The Queen’s Gambit? Check out my list. And tell me what you thought of the show or book in the comments!

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