The Inheritance Games

A young woman in a desperate situation finds her fortunes changed when she is called to the reading of a billionaire’s will. Though she’s never met Tobias Hawthorne before, he has left Avery virtually his entire fortune, essentially cutting his children and grandchildren off. But, to receive her inheritance, Avery must move into the man’sContinue reading “The Inheritance Games”

She Persisted

Nevertheless, she persisted. It’s a phrase that means so much to me (I even have it as a bumper sticker on my car). Throughout history women have defied expectations, found inner strength and strength in each other, and persevered through immense challenges. I always find it so satisfying to pick up a work of historicalContinue reading “She Persisted”

Escaping Eleven

Earth is no longer inhabitable and humanity has been forced to move underground. The wealthy elite have bankrolled these underground compounds, separating each floor by wealth. Eve, a 16-year-old hobby fighter, will stop at nothing to break free of her violent compound and see Earth, even if it means death. This book is a straight-upContinue reading “Escaping Eleven”

A Court of Silver Flames

After the defeat of King Hybern, we are back in Velaris, this time with a story centering on Nesta Archeron. After being forced into the Cauldron and becoming High Fae, Nesta must face her haunted, traumatic past in order to move forward and begin living again. As she trains with Cassian and seeks out magicalContinue reading “A Court of Silver Flames”

Anti-Racist Book Club- March

After all of us pushing hard to get through An Indigenous People’s History of the United States last month, my book club opted to do a shorter essay collection this month. We read Audre Lorde’s Sister Outsider and were all blown away. This is my first time reading Audre Lorde, and I am so inContinue reading “Anti-Racist Book Club- March”

Who Run the World?

Happy March and hello to Women’s History Month! I love celebrating this month by checking out the exhibits here, spending time researching brilliant women in history, and reading books that center strong, fierce female characters. To that end, I think featuring science fiction books where women lead the action is a great way to startContinue reading “Who Run the World?”

The Prophets

Samuel and Isaiah, two enslaved men on a plantation in the Deep South, find refuge in each other until an enslaved preacher causes a rift in their community by declaring their bond sinful. Alternating perspectives between slaves on the plantation, the plantation owners, and the members of an African village whose serenity is destroyed whenContinue reading “The Prophets”

Black History Month Spotlight: Fantasy

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that fantasy is my absolute favorite genre. I love the way that fantasy novels offer an escape from our everyday lives, while still pulling in important and timely themes. Whether middle grade, YA, or adult, I will fall into any fantasy with strong world-building, authentic characters, andContinue reading “Black History Month Spotlight: Fantasy”

Anti-Racist Book Club- February

Hello and Happy Thursday! Is it just me, or does this week feel like an entire month? This month, my book group decided to branch out a bit in our reading and picked up An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz. Dunbar-Ortiz is an Indigenous rights activist and scholar, and theContinue reading “Anti-Racist Book Club- February”