Best Friends in Fantasy

Today is National Best Friends Day! To celebrate, I put together a list of my favorite friends in fantasy novels. As much as I love a good romance in fantasy, I am all in on friendships, especially strong female friendships. It’s so nice to see characters supporting each other and leaning on each other when facing challenges. Here are just a few of my favorite fantasy friendships:

Fezzik & Inigo- The Princess Bride: You absolutely cannot go wrong with a classic, and Fezzik and Inigo have the best relationship. It’s fun and funny, while also being incredibly supportive. The two are unfailingly loyal and kind to each other. If you’ve watched the movie but haven’t read the book, now is the time to pick it up!

Lou & Coco- Serpent & Dove: Lou and Coco make me smile. They are both so quick witted with a great sense of humor a penchant for teasing. Their backstory is really sweet and I love to see the way they support each other, willingly heading into danger to rescue their best friend.

Deka, Britta, Belcalis, Asha, & Adwapa- The Gilded Ones: The female friendships in this book make me beyond happy. Each character is strong on their own, but together they make an unstoppable team. I love their loyalty, understanding, and constant support for one another.

Kvothe, Simmon, & Wilem- The Name of the Wind: Ok. Real talk, Kvothe is not always deserving of the great friends he has in Simmon and Wilem. But, sometimes being a best friend means helping your friends through their bad decisions (side eye to Harry Potter). Simmon and Wilem are super supportive and give the best advice, which makes Kvothe a better person. You love to see it.

Katniss & Finnick- Mockingjay: The friendship that Katniss and Finnick created over Catching Fire and Mockingjay is one of my absolute favorites in fantasy. The two have a dark sense of humor and play off of each other well in moments of levity, but were also instrumental to each other surviving the trauma of losing a loved one. Finnick helped Katniss to find coping mechanisms for her trauma and Katniss fought fiercely to get Annie back. Their friendship was a surprise to me, but so wonderful.

Severin, Enrique, Zofia, Laila, Tristan, & Hypnos- The Gilded Wolves: What a bunch of lovable nerds. I absolutely love this entire group dynamic, as well as the individual friendships between these characters. They’re funny, smart, and consistently aware of each other’s needs. Their success lies completely in the concern and trust they have for each other.

Nesta, Gwyn, & Emerie- A Court of Silver Flames: I was so happy to see a strong female friendship featured in a Sarah Maas book. These three women were so lucky to find each other and became stronger together, both physically and emotionally. It was delightful to watch them open up to one another and find strength in sharing the pain of their pasts.

Who are you favorite friendships in fiction? Let me know in the comments!

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