Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves

Sena lives on a frozen planet with one rule, no racing. After losing her mothers to a sled race, she’s vowed that she will never be involved with the race or the wolves. But, when she gets on the wrong side of a crime boss, she’s thrown into the race with the wolf that she rescued from his fighting rings. As Sena andContinue reading “Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves”

Hell of a Book

A nameless Black author on a cross-country book tour is struggling under the weight of his notoriety and the expectations that society is placing on him. His book, which is never described, is simultaneously meant to capture the experience of being Black in America while also being criticized by people for not representing Black people enough. In alternating chapters, weContinue reading “Hell of a Book”

The School for Good Mothers

Frida is tired from caring for her sick toddler, Harriet, and running on little sleep for days. In a moment of exhaustion and bad judgment, she walks out of the house, leaving Harriet alone for two hours. A neighbor reports her to the police and Frida loses custody of Harriet. In order to get her back, Frida needs toContinue reading “The School for Good Mothers”

Olga Dies Dreaming

Brooklynite Olga Acevedo makes a living as a wedding planner for the ultra-wealthy, much to the disappointment of her revolutionary mother who abandoned their family to dedicate herself to liberating Puerto Rico. Her brother, Prieto, is a congressman representing the Sunset Park neighborhood but hiding secrets that could threaten his family and career. As Hurricane Maria heads for Puerto Rico, OlgaContinue reading “Olga Dies Dreaming”

Elder Race

Lynesse is the Fourth Daughter of the queen with dreams of saving her kingdom just like her great grandmother Astresse. When a demon begins ravaging the land, she invokes the pact between her family and the Elder sorcerer who has inhabited a tower for hundreds of years. The sorcerer, Nyr, however, is actually an anthropologist, the last ofContinue reading “Elder Race”

Short Stories by Black Authors

Today is the last day of February, which means Black History Month is ending. But, that doesn’t mean that you should stop reading books by Black authors! It’s so important to me to diversify my reading and seek out authors who offer a new and exciting perspective. If you’re looking for more of that in your own reading, try pickingContinue reading “Short Stories by Black Authors”

A Snake Falls to Earth

When Nina, a Lipan Apache girl in our world, hears a story from her great-great grandmother Rosita about a fish girl in her well, Nina sets out to translate her story and find out if animal people still travel to Earth. Oli, a cottonmouth animal person, lives in the Reflecting World, the land of spirits and monsters. When Oli’s friend, aContinue reading “A Snake Falls to Earth”

Poems for Black History Month

It’s February which means it’s Black History Month! There are so many great ways to celebrate this month, and reading Black authors is just one way to learn something new or expand your worldview. If you’re looking for something to read this month, or any month, maybe try some poetry collections by Black authors. IContinue reading “Poems for Black History Month”

The Grimrose Girls

At Grimrose Académie, an elite boarding school, students are dying in mysteriously familiar ways. Three friends, Ella, Rory, and Yuki, are reeling from the apparent suicide of their best friend, Ariane, unsure if she really did commit suicide or if something more sinister is at play. When Nani comes to the school and takes Ariane’s place in her room,Continue reading “The Grimrose Girls”