The Grimrose Girls

At Grimrose Académie, an elite boarding school, students are dying in mysteriously familiar ways. Three friends, Ella, Rory, and Yuki, are reeling from the apparent suicide of their best friend, Ariane, unsure if she really did commit suicide or if something more sinister is at play. When Nani comes to the school and takes Ariane’s place in her room,Continue reading “The Grimrose Girls”

Blue Skinned Gods

Born with blue skin, Kalki has been told he is a god, the tenth reincarnation of Vishnu. His controlling father runs an ashram in which people come to be blessed and healed by Kalki, but Kalki is not sure of his godliness. As Kalki comes of age, his uncertainty grows, especially in the face of a tragedy which fractures his family and sends his best friend across theContinue reading “Blue Skinned Gods”

The Ivory Key

Since the murder of their mother, the maharani of Ashoka, the relationship between four royal siblings has been strained. Vira has ascended to the throne and now has the weight of the kingdom and the fate of magic in her hands. Kaleb, her half-brother has been accused of orchestrating their mother’s assassination and sits in prison each day. Ronak, Vira’s twin brother, is plotting toContinue reading “The Ivory Key”

No Gods, No Monsters

Laina is grieving the loss of her brother after getting the news that he has been shot and killed by Boston police. But, when a disembodied voice offers her the footage of her brother being shot, Laina finds that monsters are real and her brother was, in fact, a werewolf. After Laina releases the footage, the world must grapple with the reality that monstersContinue reading “No Gods, No Monsters”

A Spindle Splintered

Born with a rare condition, Zinnia Gray is celebrating her 21stbirthday which is probably the last birthday she’ll ever have. She’s been obsessed with the story of Sleeping Beauty for most of her life and her best friend Charm is throwing her a themed party, complete with spinning wheel. But, when Zinnia pricks her finger on the spindle, sheContinue reading “A Spindle Splintered”

The Keeper of Night

Ren is half British Reaper and half Japanese Shinigami. Because of her mixed heritage, she is bullied by the other Reapers and abandoned by her father. When her Shinigami light powers surge out of her control, Ren must flee London and travel with her brother, Neven, to Japan in the hopes of being accepted as a Shinigami. But, whenContinue reading “The Keeper of Night”

The Shaadi Set-Up

Rita is dating a man that she thinks her mother will not approve of so she concocts a scheme: Rita and Neil will both sign up for, an Indian matchmaking site, and when it matches them together their families will have to accept that they are perfect for each other. The only problem? Rita’s ex Milan Rao. Sparks flyContinue reading “The Shaadi Set-Up”