This Woven Kingdom

Alizeh, the heir to an ancient Jinn kingdom, is forced to work as a servant in the human world. When a boy attempts to rob her at knifepoint and she escapes, she draws the attention of the crown prince, Kamran, who believes she may be a spy. Kamran is next in line for the throne and working hard for the approval ofContinue reading “This Woven Kingdom”


Growing up at the Merilance School for Independent Girls, Olivia Prior has felt like an outsider all of her life. This feeling is made all the worse for the ghouls that she sees haunting the shadows of the school and the rambling madness of her mother’s journal, which is Olivia’s only connection to her family. When she receives a letter fromContinue reading “Gallant”

Tell Me an Ending

Nepenthe is a company that specializes in memory removal. For people who have experienced trauma in their lives, they can elect to have that memory removed forever. But, Nepenthe is coming under increasing scrutiny as customers experience “traces” or fragments of their memory returning. In this novel the lives of five characters are deeply changed by theirContinue reading “Tell Me an Ending”

Daughter of the Moon Goddess

Xingyin’s mother is the moon goddess, imprisoned on the moon for stealing the elixir of immortality from Xingyin’s father. When Xingyin’s presence is felt by the Celestial Empress, Xingyin must flee her home and hide her identity. A chance encounter with Prince Liwei leads Xingyin to become his study companion and, after years of study with him, she joins the Celestial Army. As Xingyin embarks on daring quests,Continue reading “Daughter of the Moon Goddess”

Dead Silence

When they receive a distress signal on their last voyage in space, Claire Kovalik and her crew respond, finding the Aurora, a luxury space-liner that disappeared without a trace twenty years ago. Recognizing the wealth on board, Claire and her team board the ship to salvage materials but they find a gruesome scene that reveals that somethingContinue reading “Dead Silence”

Black Cake

Benny and Byron are reunited for the first time in years, gathered to listen to their mother’s will. But Eleanor Bennett didn’t just leave behind a black cake in the freezer with a request to share the cake when the time is right. She also left behind a lifetime of secrets that she is finally unraveling for her children. AsContinue reading “Black Cake”

Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves

Sena lives on a frozen planet with one rule, no racing. After losing her mothers to a sled race, she’s vowed that she will never be involved with the race or the wolves. But, when she gets on the wrong side of a crime boss, she’s thrown into the race with the wolf that she rescued from his fighting rings. As Sena andContinue reading “Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves”

Hell of a Book

A nameless Black author on a cross-country book tour is struggling under the weight of his notoriety and the expectations that society is placing on him. His book, which is never described, is simultaneously meant to capture the experience of being Black in America while also being criticized by people for not representing Black people enough. In alternating chapters, weContinue reading “Hell of a Book”

The School for Good Mothers

Frida is tired from caring for her sick toddler, Harriet, and running on little sleep for days. In a moment of exhaustion and bad judgment, she walks out of the house, leaving Harriet alone for two hours. A neighbor reports her to the police and Frida loses custody of Harriet. In order to get her back, Frida needs toContinue reading “The School for Good Mothers”